Fermaca Dreams is the holding company of a set of cutting-edge Mexican companies that make up a diversified group of businesses born to grow.

The group consolidates over 50 years of presence in Mexico, contributing to the development, construction, and operation of infrastructure in the country in various sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, and energy. Fermaca Dreams, as well as each and every one of the companies that make it up, has the commitment to:

Support and develop the competencies of its employees.
Achieve the development of the communities in which it participates.
Foster environmental, social, and good governance responsibility.


Each of our companies is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in operation, seeking to consolidate itself in the upper quartile of its relevant group by offering exceptional services to its customers. In this way, each of our companies actively supports the development of infrastructure, services, and strategic capabilities, thus contributing to the progress of Mexico and the world.

Founding company of Fermaca de México, S de R.L. de C.V. (today Esentia Energy Systems, S. de R.L. de C.V., “Esentia”) and which controls and manages the capital participation of Fermaca Dreams in Esentia Energy.

Specialized in the commercialization of boats, it also carries out the integration of engineering, conversion, repair and maintenance projects for the maritime sector.

It develops large-scale “Greenfield” infrastructure projects with the highest quality standards within the industry, seeking that the group’s synergies and skills give projects a competitive advantage.

It develops large-scale EPC projects, manages government and regulatory permits, rights-of-way, and performs project supervision as an independent engineer under the highest quality standards within the industry.

Dedicated to providing private security services under the strictest standards of security, integrity and professionalism under the protection of permits and licenses from the Mexican Secretary of National Defense.

Investment fund specialized in infrastructure projects, which operates under international standards (CFA ILPA) to obtain the best returns for its investors.

Fermaca Networks is a purpose built Infrastructure provider seeking to utilize the safest, most unique right of way in Mexico for purposes of being a leading provider of much sought Long Haul Dark Fiber infrastructure in Mexico.



Growth, specialization, standardization, adoption of best market practices, and rationalization have driven us to consolidate all of our companies and businesses under a parent company that drives strategic focus, performance, and execution at a first-level institutional level in all companies.

The goal of our structure is not only to incorporate best commercial practices in execution, but also to optimize and capitalize on the company’s central competencies and capabilities under the strictest compliance practices of related parties.

We have developed a comprehensive growth model that allows us to identify, develop, finance, and execute new business opportunities. While capitalizing on the capabilities and competencies between companies, our model ensures that transparency, governance, and the adoption of best practices are at the core of our execution.


“Born to Grow” is the essence of Fermaca Dreams’ DNA, tirelessly seeking new growth opportunities.


To maximize the profitable growth of our companies through the adoption of international best practices by standardizing the values, criteria, and principles that govern excellence in our operations.

Grow the value of our shareholders’ investments in strict adherence to the laws and regulations governing the industries in which we participate, always striving to meet the highest standards of environmental, social, and governance responsibility.

Always committed to the well-being, development, and fulfillment of our employees, customers, and communities with whom we interact, thus contributing to the growth and consolidation of Mexico.


We will be one of the largest and most innovative developers of infrastructure and associated services in Mexico.



The virtue of fulfilling our commitments to each other, our customers, and our communities honorably and fully, no matter the circumstances or context.


Irrevocable adherence to the principle of transparency and truth, reflected in all of our daily actions.


Appreciation, value, and esteem for the opportunities and blessings that surround us.


The strength to assume our commitments and obligations with a complete sense of belonging.


A commitment to participate and collaborate in common causes involving employees, customers, and/or communities with whom we work.


The full realization of personal and professional aspirations both individually and collectively.


3433 Periférico Sur, San Jerónimo Lídice,
Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City

Phone Numbers

Mexico City: +52 55-3683-7000



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